The good old days!
There was a time (not so long ago) 😉 when there were no limits to our imagination. Anything was possible!

But as I grew up, things changed...

As parents ourselves, we wanted to encourage our children never to limit themselves.
The good old days!
Looking for something inspirational...
It's a well-known fact that "images are stronger than words". So we look for a picture that resembles them and inspires them to dream big. But everything stays within the frame.

As for the galleries, the aim of art is to thrill us, but it is all too often aimed at a discerning public.
Dynamic, funny and, above all, free!
So we set about making what we had in mind. Using cork sheets and a wooden frame, we drew a little mouse with round ears 😉 (that's Mickey...) escaping from his painting.

First public presentation and crowdfunding
With the encouragement and support of our families and friends, we're taking part in a few exhibitions and launching a crowdfunding campaign to help us develop our project.

And it was with great emotion (and a fair amount of hassle 😅 ) that, a few months later, we started work on our first series of Funky Frames paintings, with the participation of artists from Switzerland and elsewhere!
Opening of our online shop
Thanks to the comments you've shared with us, which have really touched us, our little paintings are now in some of our first partner shops and we're opening an online shop from our flat dressing room, with 3 children, 2 jobs, 1 rabbit and now no more hair 😂 (for David).

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has followed and supported us! Thanks to you, the adventure continues, to show all children (and adults too ; ) that if you can imagine it, you can do it!

Talia & David, parents and co-creators

thank you
very special...

To Aurélie Pham, our graphic designer, and all our illustrator partners!

To Grégory Chollet and his Loyco team in Geneva (crowdfunding), 

To Grégory Logan, Phil, and the whole DARE team, with whom the magic was immediate, 

Véronique from Prestimage Paris, Roland and his team from HM2C Logistics, Arnaud Gélard for his photos, Johanna from Mediatoon Licensing, Céline from Universal Studios, Régis from Disneyland Paris, 

And of course, to all those who have accompanied us or allowed us to simply cross their paths, to our partners for their confidence, to our families and friends for their support and to our children (and their rabbit...) for their presence. 

Thank you all so much. We are delighted and honoured to be growing this project alongside you.

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We look forward to meeting you there...

The Funky Frames team

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