the "Funky Frames Family
Who is it?

It's us, it's you, it's everyone who has something to share.

It's also those who stand out from the crowd because of their life story and their way of thinking. 

Or those who want to break the codes because 'fitting into a box' isn't for them. 

There are those who no longer want to see obstacles as insurmountable barriers and who therefore live their lives as an opening onto the field of possibilities. 

There are those who want to send a message of love, gratitude or encouragement to someone they love or care about.

Of course, there are those who don't fit into any of these categories, or who just think it's funny to see a character escape from a painting. 

Funky Frames is all about being free to be who you really are.

By joining our family...'ll receive our latest news, our latest products, and the stories that make us laugh or inspire us. They don't have to be regular, but they're always good to hear. 

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We look forward to meeting you there...

The Funky Frames team

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