What if we stopped limiting ourselves?

It is this vision of freedom that Funky Frames wishes to convey through fun or inspiring little paintings that stand out from the frame. Just like many of us.

A concept initially created...

...for kids

Funky Frames was created to unteach children to limit themselves and reopen the doors of their imagination.
Because before being formatted to become adults… children think big!

100% of our clients

Thomas D. (Geneva, Switzerland)
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Finally a gift that makes sense and conveys a positive message! Both for the person who receives it and for the person who offers it. It's awesome. Thank you for everything.
Fanny P. (Evionnaz, Switzerland)
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I received my order today and's beautiful. Thank you very much and well done, it’s really a great idea.
Marie K. (Pusignan, France)
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I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Art3F show in Lyon, I bought 2 paintings from you which made my daughter and my granddaughter happy. They have already found their place in their favorite places. Thank you for your welcome and I hope you continue to amaze young and old...

Partners & media

Marie-Claire Switzerland
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This is a good way to entertain and encourage children to think “outside the box”.
La Matinale - LCI
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Funky Frames is the idea that is shaking up the small world of Art!
Maison & Jardin Magazine
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A clever way to interest children in art, the opposite of the usual: Don't touch!

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The Funky Frames team

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